*Thanks to Professor Chad Walker for this drawing!
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Welcome to my work in progress! This web page contains a collection of Level Designs, Scripts and Models I created while attending my final year as a Level Design Major at Southern Methodist University's Guildhall. While attending school, I was an active member of the student council on campus. I have several years of experience in the work force as well as a contemporary vision.

When my mom and dad bought me the Atari 2600 console my life changed. I always took my electronics apart to see how they worked. I was constantly building new worlds with my Legos. But it wasn't until they bought me the Atari 600XL computer that I knew I wanted to make video games. I tried making my own version of combat with no success but even so, it was a turning point.

I went on to business school for mainframe operations hoping the technology arena would get me to my goal of creating games. I worked through my undergraduate studies at Essex County College then to Kean University where I completed my degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.

I saw a story on G4TV about the Guildhall and knew it was my opportunity to finally accomplish my dream of becoming a video game developer.

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